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The experience was very good. They helped us with getting the proper paperwork and found some tax advantages I was not taking advantage of.

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Mark Lamont Price

First Time Client

The service was very professional, I was informed about everything that was being done. No assumptions were made, if there was missing info I was asked for it, everything was done in a timely manner.

IMG_20210911_232141 - Cynt
Cynthia Zeigler

Client for 2-4 Years

I can trust that with Tax Solutions that they will try to maximize your taxes. They actually talk to you and try to help you with increasing your income tax. Not to mention how very professional they both are. I try to refer everybody to them because they do such a good job. And it’s also in a timely fashion. So keep it going guys!!!

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Que Walker

Client for 2-4 Years

I was very pleased at how quick, efficient and professional my tax experience. I find taxes to be a chore and Tax Solutions made filing very manageable. The preparers are knowledgeable and work with you to get the best outcome. The appointment was a breeze. What makes them different is they ask questions and give you options throughout the process of completing taxes. You leave feeling included and knowledgeable, instead of guessing what is to come when you go to larger chains that want you in and out of there hair as fast as possible.

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Sam Thompson

Client for 2-4 Years